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Publish Date: 19:31 - 24 July 2020
The Deputy Minister and Head of SATBA organization said: In order to achieve consumption pattern modification culture in the country and turning motto into reality, the officials and society need to make a big step and fulfilling this necessity will be through strategy statement, determining policy and commitment which is possible in every situation.

The Elaboration of Role of Iran in Energy Consumption OptimizationThe Public Relations and International Affairs Office of SATBA reports that Mohammad Satkin on energy efficiency and optimization of consumption day , May 21st suggested that achieving consumption pattern modification and optimal consumption culture in the country needs strategy statement, determining policy and commitment which is possible in every situation and pointed out that perfectionism in increasing efficiency and optimizing energy consumption motto will be fulfilled if the officials and people of society move towards it.
The Head of SATBA honored this day and stated that: “The base of energy consumption pattern modification as one of the important economic factors in each society results in improvement of living and environment factors and the necessity to respect it will both result in scientific flourishment because of the improvement of facility functioning technologies and optimizing energy consuming processes and will provide an opportunity to distribute appropriate resources in order to spread justice and fairness.”
Dr. Satkin explained the role of SATBA in managing energy consumption pattern modification as one of the legal responsibilities of this organization: “We will play an important role with the cooperation of Strategic and Policy Making Council of renewable energy and energy efficiency in order to reach determined perspective and goal in energy consumption optimization and efficiency scope.”

May 27, 2020 13:11
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