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Publish Date: 17:28 - 26 July 2020

CEO of Mazandaran Regional Electric Co. (MREC), Hosein Afzali said: “9 small-scale power plants with a total capacity of 139MW has been installed and connected to grid during past 9 months”.

Ministry of energy is planning to install 40 small-scale power plants with total capacity of 1000MW till 2024 (1403 A.P.), as Bargh News Reports.

Small-scale power plants have advantages; such as natural and farm lands conservation, reduce in fuel consumption and low initial investment; which motivates local and international investors from private section to invest in northern part of Iran.

“Three small-scale power plants with capacity of 29MW each have been installed in Babolsar, Babol and Sari; one unit with 25MW and one unit with 4MW installed in Chamestan; one unit with 12MW in Mahmoodabad, one unit with 7MW in Amol and two units of 1.5MW each in Sari Industrial Town”, Hosein Afzali said.

He mentioned that 29MW power plants in Babolsar has been installed by Chinese company and 12MW unit in Mahmoodabad has been done by German company.

Afzali said: “regarding environmental aspects and farmlands conservation in northern Iran, it is the best choice to produce electricity in the place in which it is consumed, as Distributed Generation”.

 “The least investment for a small-scale power plant with capacity of 25MW is USD 4 million (IRR 50 billion) and 3,000 Sq. meter”, he said.

MREC produces more than 2000MW during day time and also electricity demand is almost 1800MW in spring, autumn and winter, but it needs more than 3000MW during summer season.

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