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Publish Date: 17:35 - 02 August 2020

Minister of energy, Reza Ardakanian, announced that several renewable energy power plant with total capacity of 300MW will be connected to national power grid within this year, Bargh News reports.

“One of the most important priorities of government and ministry of energy (MOE) is developing of renewable energies in Iran and most of the renewable power plants has been stablished recently since 2013”, Ardakanian said.

According to Bargh News, during opening of a 10MW PV power plant, Ardakanian stated: “There are 115 renewable power plants with total capacity of 750MW all over the country now”.

“In spite of foreign currency crisis on 2018 which caused to less activities in this field, MOE has prepared mechanism and facilities for private sector to overcome the faced problems, so that they can continue their projects”, Ardakanian said.


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